3 Level ZZ Semafor Best Settings

I’m searching for a good EA making use of 3 indications: 1) 3_Level_ZZ_ Semafor as well as 2) the actual NonLagMA_v7. 1, as well as 3) Stoch (21, 5, 3).

The actual admittance is dependant on the next requirements:
Listed here are my personal Best Setting with regard to 3 Level ZZ Semafor:

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1. Await the actual 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor sign #3 to look (Period 1 = 0, Time period two = 0, Time period 3 = 34).

2. Await NonLagMA to complement the actual path from the industry.

3. Await the actual Stoch quick collection >20 for any lengthy as well as <80 for any brief. Cease = make use of the reduced from the 3_Level_ZZ_ Semafor candlestick for any lengthy, without 10 pips, as well as make use of the a lot of the actual candlestick for any brief, in addition 10 pips. Additionally, a chance to proceed the actual cease in order to breakeven following a +25 pip proceed. Focus on = the alternative 3_Level_ZZ_ Semafor showing up. semafor

Obviously, the actual 3_Level_ZZ_ Semafor repaints that helps prevent dependable backtesting, however I’ve been maually document buying and selling along with a lot achievement utilizing several foreign currency sets about the H1 MetaTrader graph.